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Cost-effective cloud computing so developers and their teams can spend more time building software that changes the world.

Keep Costs Down: Since the majority of the processing power and storage is handled remotely, cloud applications could reduce the cost of your infrastructure – no need to maintain your own servers – as well as the cost of supporting your applications onsite. Depending on what software you are using locally, subscribing to a similar SaaS product could drastically reduce your licensing costs as well. Accessibility: Cloud applications aren’t tied to a single machine – you can access and interact with the application from wide variety of devices safely and securely from any Internet connection.

Reliability: Cloud applications have access to more computing resources than it would be feasible to have onsite. Your applications can rapidly scale without an increase in your capital costs. Better yet, this scaling can be dynamic so you’ll only use the resources when you need them.

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    Circuit Wave Consulting Services Offers You

    oracle fusion supply chain management

    Get better results faster by planning your supply chain end-to-end in the Cloud. Effortlessly combine demand insights, supply constraints.

    oracle fusion human capital management

    Natively built for the cloud, Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management is a complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire—including global HR, talent management, workforce management, and payroll.

    oracle fusion hyperion

    Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition is a comprehensive, web based, budgeting and planning application. Planning can be licensed and integrated with the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub to provide expanded budgeting and planning functionality.

    oracle analytical cloud

    Your website analytics should be simple, fast and privacy-focused. Circuit Wave Consulting is a simple, light-weight, privacy-first alternative to Oracle Analytics. So, stop scrolling through pages of reports and collecting gobs of personal data about your visitors, both of which you probably don’t need.

    oracle digital assistant

    Build conversational interfaces for cloud and on-premises applications that can be deployed to multiple channels including web, mobile, smart speakers, and popular messaging platforms

    oracle fusion procurement

    Cloud Procurement’s intuitive user experience, embedded analytics, and collaboration simplify supplier management and contracting, reduce risk, increase cost savings, and enforce compliant spending.

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